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Shantel Zulu

ONE of Leonard Zhakata’s diehard fans, Darlington “Darly Zora” Madzanise, says the veteran lyricist changed his life after plucking him off the streets of Warren Park.

Darly Zora said Zhakata was God sent after he roped him into his marketing team.

Prior to his recruitment, Darly Zora has been following Zhakata since 1993 when he released such popular songs as Shungu Dzemoyo and Tungidza Gwenya.

He said he finally got to know the creative genius at personal level in 2003 when he was only 20 at one of his successful show at Zimunhu Bar in Epworth.

“I would like to call Leonard Zhakata my father because he opened my eyes and made me realise that there was more to life than working for meagre salaries, polluting the streets of Warren Park.

“He made me part of his marketing team and I had never imagined myself travel outside the country let alone the whole of Zimbabwe, but this man broke off my shell and made me realise that it is essential for a man to have a passport.

“The first time l left Zimbabwe was in 2010 when we had gone to South Africa with Baba Chamu and he took care of everything, from my travel expenses to the food we ate without myself using any cent and he has never made me feel indebted to him,” he said.

Added Darly Zora:

“l remember we went to many provinces in SA performing, and l would find my way to the stage and join his dancers but he never had a problem with it.

“It has been 18 years now since we have known each other and he has never changed the way he treats me,” he said.

Asked why he referred to Zhakata as his father, he explained:

“The reason why I say Zhakata birthed me is because ever since we knew each other, he has been nothing but a father figure to me.

“Leonard is a sociable man and laughs with me as if l am his own, he overlooked all my shortcomings as a young boy and saw the best in me.”

Added Darly Zora:

“It is my prayer that that God blesses me so I can show ‘my father’ how much I appreciate everything he has done for me.

“I am now a confident and respected man in the society after serving him for 18 years.”


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