Zhakata in handwashing campaign

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Zhakata in handwashing campaign


03 May 2016

ZhakataZORA musician Leonard Zhakata has embarked on a handwashing campaign that seeks to promote hygiene in communities.

Zhakata, in partnership with Action Aid, has already toured suburbs like Glen View, Kuwadzana and Hatcliffe encouraging people to wash hands.

The musician has also recorded a jingle titled Geza Maoko which he performs during the tours.

The jingle encourage the public to wash hands before taking food, after visiting the toilet or after doing anything that makes hands dirty.

Zhakata told fans who gathered at one of the roadshow in Glen View that, “We are here to encourage you to wash your hands.

“We have a role to play as a community, we have a very big role in preventing diseases that result from poor hygiene.

“Let’s encourage each other to wash hands after visiting the toilet, tisati tadya kana tabva kuchinja vana chaiko madzimai uko. We should wash them thoroughly using soap, we should take note of washing fruits before we eat.”

Action Aid communications officer Takaitei Bote said the campaign seeks to prevent diseases like Cholera and Typhoid that usually result from poor hygiene.

“This is part of and parcel of the handwashing campaign which encourages washing of hands at critical times.

“This is when one comes from toilet, after changing baby nappies and the idea is to reduce the spread of Cholera and Typhoid among other diseases,” said Bote.

The organisation gave away soaps and dishes to people as part of their campaign drive.

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