Zhakata laid our foundation

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Zhakata laid our foundation Godfrey Mrewa


In life there are people who can influence others to follow in their footsteps even though it’s impossible to beat them.

One of the people is Leonard Zhakata who has made an impact in Godrey Mrewa’s life.

Godfrey Mrewa

The affable crooner shares her story in this column From the Horse’s Mouth.


He said it was Baba Chamu who also made him fall in love with music since childhood  and he feels blessed to have sought his role model’s advice.

Godfrey Mrewa with producer

He rates Zhakata among the best artistes on the land and hopes to emulate him. Read on…



My name is Godfrey Mrewa but many people in my circles prefer calling me by the moniker Goddie Mrewa.


I don’t have a problem with any of the names.


I was born on the 23rd of June 1986 at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.


Family wise, we are two boys and three girls who were raised by strict parents Abel Mrewa and Locadia Matari.


I did my grade one to six at Mutoko Primary School before writing my grade seven examinations at Rujeko Primary School in Rusape.


I did my secondary education at Vengere High and proceeded to Advanced Level at Clemag College in Rusape.


After completing my A Level, I worked at TM Rusape as a till operator.


I studied Machineshop Engineering at Harare Polytechnic and currently I work at Coca Cola as a fit and turner.


Music wise, I have two albums to my credit namely Nemoyo Wese released in 2017 and Tiri Kutanda recorded in 2020 by Zharry Gee (real name George Chembe) who used to play guitars for Leonard Zhakata’s Zimbabwe All Stars.


I also record at Blaq G Studios in Unit N, Chitungwiza.



Growinjg up, people used to call me Baba Chamu since I used to Leonard Zhakata’s songs word for word.


During variety shows at high school, I used to dance and sing along to Leonard Zhakata’s songs.


Zhakata remains a huge inspiration in my life and my sound is biased towards the Zora music founder.


I was blessed to have met and interacted with him and he knows very well that I am one of his fans.


However, my list of role models would not be complete without mentioning Jah Prayzah my home boy.


Pastor Charles Charamba who hails from Mutoko is one of my role models that I look up to.



Musically, it is my hope to make it internationally and regionally.


To ensure that we make an international breakthrough, I will continue working hard and collaborating with the best there is.


I have already laid the foundation and I hope everything will fan in place with the right focus and time.


Like I indicated earlier on, I have two albums namely Nemoyo Wese released in 2017 and Tiri Kutanda recorded in 2020 by Zharry Gee (real name George Chembe).


I am in the process of recording new songs with the help of Zharry G who used to play guitars for Leonard Zhakata’s camp.


I have also lined up a series of singles and videos that I will be recording before year-end.



Like any other player in the creative sector, we have been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


We had line-up a series of shows but it’s sad that all the plans have been halted.


However, I have never stopped recording new music, thanks to my producer Zharry G’s influence.


Zharry G has been keeping me busy for the greater part of the lockdown and I can safely say I am where I am today owing to his influence.


When it comes to achievements, I can safely say that being able to record my two albums is one of them.


I have also managed to build a huge fan base and my music is also being played on radio, a huge inspiration and endorsement on its own.


Family wise, I am also able to fend for my children which is another achievement.


I’m a single parent and father of three kids namely Evangelista Mazviita Mrewa, Leocardia Mufaro Murewa and Neymar Abel Murewa.


Despite being single, I am dating a beautiful girl that I will not disclose the name.


However, it’s not easy being a single parent.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my producer Zharry G who has been there for me from day one.


I also want to thank God for the great talent he gave me as well as my parents for their support.


Lastly, I would like to thank the media – both print and electronic – since we are now heard all over.

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