Zi-Dancehall Empire 2nd anniversary on cards

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9 March 2018

Mbare will be the only place to be on March 17 when Zi-dancehall Empire holds its second anniversary at the Netball Complex.

ZiFM radio presenter and founder of the Zi-dancehall empire movement, Abisha Palma said established Zim dancehall artistes and more than 60 upcoming chanters will perform at the event.

“The show is going to be graced by established artistes such as Seh Calaz, Dhadza D, Jah Signal, Blot, Silent Killer, Gusppy Warrior, Freeman, Kinnah, Tocky Vybz and about more than 60 upcoming artistes will be given a platform to display their talent.

“All the Zim dancehall followers should expect most of their favourite artistes to be at the show that will start at 2pm till late on March 17,” he said.

Abisha said he has decided to commemorate the anniversary during the period close to his birthday as he was born on March 16.

“I have planned to celebrate this anniversary during the day that is next to my birthday.

“I was born on March 16 and the bash is on March 17, it would be a good feeling celebrating the anniversary of something that I founded during the days and month of my birthday,” said Abisha.

Abisha also said that the anniversary is part of giving back to the community he grew up in.

“One of the reasons to hold this bash is with the aim to give back to the community that raised me.

“I was born in Mbare and I am doing this mainly for Mbare youths and the community at large.

“However there is no segregation, everyone is welcome to attend the anniversary despite the ghetto they come from, Zim-dancehall is a one family that is united,” he told H-Metro.

He has promised the best and said Mbare studios will support the event.

“The Zim-dancehall fans know that I am the best when it comes to MC business.

“Fans should expect the best of me and the Mbare Zim-dancehall studios.

“Chillspot records, Solid Records, Rocca Fella studio and promotions, and Oskid productions will support the gig,” he said.

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