Zifa unveils football equipment

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Zifa unveils football equipment


Rest Mutore, Sports Reporter

. . . engages FIFA on debt

ZIFA have engaged FIFA to help them liquidate the debts that are haunting them and stalling their progress, president Felton Kamambo has said.

Kamambo revealed this yesterday during a press briefing while unveiling football equipment set to go towards the development of football in the country.

The fully fledged equipment will benefit football – from youth top level, beach and futsal.

Kamambo, who addressed the media in presence of his executive committee members, said they have various projects in the pipeline.

“When we were ushered into office, we came up with targets. We had some projects that we wanted to undertake, we wanted to make sure that there are stadiums in each region so that we are able to rotate the national team.

“We also want to build high performance centre in Harare as well as a hotel which will help us to accommodate our players when are in camp. We applied the project to Fifa and they granted us.

“But what we did was to engage Fifa because if ever we are going to do this project, there is this animal, the legacy debt which is always hovering on top us. If we start any project it will just come and grab and we are back to square one,” said Kamambo.

The country’s football governing boss said they have since engaged Fifa to assist them settling the debt.

Football equipment

“So we engaged Fifa and asked them to assist using our project money to liquidate the legacy debt, we had about four meetings and we agreed and come up with a strategy.

“And Fifa was here last week on fact finding and we agreed on the way forward. We just hope that within five months the legacy debt will be a thing of the past. We had actually started paying but the amount involved was too much.”

Kamambo added they are committed to develop football in the country urging all stakeholders to take part pulling from one direction.

He is confident the new football equipment will improve the quality of football in the country as they are also targeting youths.

“When we had our AGM we promised that we are going to buy the equipment, the equipment is here.

“We said every club will benefit, starting from the PSL, Division One, Division Two, Futsal, Beach, Women and Youth football.

“We are now going to have structured youth leagues in all the provinces, for starters we are going 10 clubs per province. We are going to launch this in the Eastern Region then after than we launch in Southern, Central and Harare.

“In beach we want to start off with 10 clubs but per region the same with futsal. Then for women football we are also going to have 10 per region,” said Kamambo.



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