Zim artist on a mission to unite Venda, Harare people

Latwell Nyangu

South Africa-based 21-year-old artist Wallace ‘Kyrie Wallace’ Kuyeri is on a mission to unite Venda and Harare people through languages that he infused in his music.

The rapper who is a singer, and songwriter has just dropped a new project Venda to Harare which carries 13 tracks.

Kyrie said on Venda to Harare he worked with Venda and Harare stars in combining the 13-track album which has a fusion of languages including Venda, Tonga, Shona, and English.

The singer who has more than 80 songs, says there is power in combining forces from different cultures.

“My music is motivational according to the youth and it’s all about not giving up, about actually going with your dream, spreading love.

“I feel like we don’t have to be divided as people, you understand, which is the reason why I got to fuse Venda, Tonga, Shona, and English so that I can accommodate a whole lot of people.

“You can get to see that I featured all the songs I featured artists except one that’s done maybe, which I did alone.

“I was just trying to get a whole lot of different vibes from a whole lot of different people.

“I featured Venda artists who are on their side and the Zim Hip hop award-winning artists too so that I can be able to be there on both sides and stuff,” he said.

He said he desired to unite the people of Africa.

“And I would love to be a bridge between Venda, Zim, and Harare since most of the big Zim artists come to perform in Cape Town, Joburg, and Pretoria.

“So I would want artists to realise what’s going on here and some Venda artists to be able to perform in Harare. You know, the Zimbabwean side and stuff like it’s about knowing a whole lot of things about each other’s culture.

“You know when we were growing up, we listened to our mothers saying, oh, those people are like this.”

He fell in love with music at the tender age of 10 as he grew up singing in the church and moved to South Africa with his mother.

“My father is a pastor in the church, so he played a pivotal role in encouraging me and supporting my singing from an early age.

“I realised at the age of 14 that music was my calling and I started to learn to sing across genres.

To his credit he has released four singles, Bachura, Why I Hustle, Close the door, and Take you high, which are all good to listen to since he injects a sense of authenticity into every song he composes and records.

“Music needs to be unique but somehow familiar so that people can relate to it and get to enjoy it.

“I sing that kind of music my fellow youths find interesting. It speaks directly to them. It motivates them to get up and work. It encourages them to read books and study harder to make it in this world.

“My music is about the life of nowadays and inspiring youths not to give up.”

Some of the songs include, Hard ft Rex Reigns ,  Mai mwana ft Romeo ThaGreatWhite, Rasta Never Miss ft Mcdee Madhara, Vanomira Hoo ft Mambo Fletcher among other songs.

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