Zim author breaks new ground in Germany

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Zim author breaks new ground in Germany Faith Farai


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Germany based author and actress Faith Farai is making waves after hitting number one on the Amazon Bestseller list in 24 hours with her poetry book, Mirror Mirror.

Faith launched the book recently before she was invited by Oxford University to speak about her book.


In an interview, the 28 year old said:


“I became number one of the bestseller list 24 hours after the release of my poetry book. I had opportunities to collaborate with luxury boutiques and hit the Vogue Germany Magazine.


“I was invited as a speaker at Oxford University where I spoke about Feminism, Blackism, Womanism and as well about my book.”


Faith began reading books of all kinds in order to improve before she started writing texts of all kinds and so developed a passion for words.


“Ever since I was 12 years I wrote songtexts, short stories, biblical commentaries and poetry.


“I have been sharing poems and proses on Instagram since 2018 and this is my first poetry collection called ‘Mirror, Mirror.


“It’s a reflective poetry and prose collection which I did and it emphasizes on how faith, hope and love in self and others either makes us stronger or softer.


“It’s about how both outcomes are essential and beautiful and the words on these pages are dedicated to making the readers find beauty in their flowers and their ashes,” she added.


After her A Levels Faith enrolled at the University of Duisburg Essen in Germany where she studied theology and history.


“I always knew that I wanted to be an author but chose to study theology because I wants to include God in all of my writings and in order to do so I needed to know more about Him and dig deeper into His word.  History too was more of an information gathering study for my writings.”


Faith is the organiser of the annual Poetry Night which takes place every February in Hamburg, Germany in the name of the Living Generation Church.


The event offers a Platform for Christian poets and singers to perform their God given talents.


“I want to be an influence to African writers to own their voice and find a creative way of sharing their story and their reasonable opinions, in an authentic and lasting way.


“I want to help upcoming writers in Germany and Zimbabwe by organizing events, workshops and lectures in schools and university’s about the importance of writing, unfortunately, due to CovidID-19, there are no exact dates on the events,” she added.


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