Zim celebs flaunt summer bodies

Mathew Masinge

The recent hot conditions saw a shift among local celebrities’ habits, with some choosing to visit cooler holiday destinations to beat the extreme heat.

There was an increase in the number of celebrities who flaunted their summer bodies while on their vacations.

Most of these trips were made between July and early December to local tourist destinations.

Those who have the means flew overseas.

Olinda Chapel-Nkomo

Among those who showed interest in travelling was businessman Mudiwa Hood, who returned recently from his trip to the US where he spent a fortune.

Mudiwa Hood

He also went to the beach to refresh and kill time away from the madding crowd.

Mudiwa Hood is not alone as radio personality Erica Ndoro rocked in a tiny bikini, which left little to the imagination during her trip to a Cape Town beach.

Erica Ndoro

She received some media backlash for exposing part of her flesh.

Comic Pastor also made it to his favourite spot in Zanzibar which he usually visits annually.

Comic Pastor

Musician Freeman took time to cool off the pressure from live performances during his trip to Dubai, all in the name of moving away from the heatwave.


For Yahyah Goodvibes, finding time out on an Island meant the world to her as she was craving some travel post-lockdown.

Yahyah Goodvibes

Comedian Shugeta also had his fair share of the Dubai beach with his newly-found love.


Not to be outdone was Mabrijo whose picture at a Cape Town beach exposing her rear caused a stir on social media.


Recently, health experts warned of deadly illnesses, including heat stroke urging members of the public to stay hydrated.

Tariro Gezi

The dry spell is a reflection of the El Nino weather conditions where below-to-normal rainfalls are predicted for the 2023/24 rainy season which has already caused drought fears among farmers.


Environmentalists say the weather pattern remains unpredictable until more rains are experienced.

Ms Shally

Scientists have blamed the adverse weather patterns on CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels, which they say will make weather events more frequent, severe and deadly.

Tanya Chikuni

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