Nyasha Kada

SOUTH Africa-based Zim-dancehall artist, Austin “A.J Dhundundu” Nyika, has revealed that moving to South Africa has opened new doors for him.

The artist, who moved to South Africa hoping to pursue his music career, found himself temporarily ditching music to pursue new avenues.

He now operates as a travel agent.

The venture has brought a change in fortunes for the 32-year-old artist.

“I left Zimbabwe for South Africa hoping to pursue my music career but after I got here (South Africa) I discovered it wasn’t easy.

“I needed money to survive, record and all of that.

“It was a wake-up call for me and I had to look for something to do so I could earn a living, “ said Nyika.

He added:

“I’m into buying and delivering goods from South Africa to Zimbabwe.

“This has helped me to earn a living and now I am looking at continuing with my music career.

“Music is a mission to me so I can never leave it for good.”

He recently released a new song titled “Life Yemujolo,” produced by DKT, to announce his return.

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