Maria Chiguvari

THE Glen Norah Chapter of the Zim dancehall community says it is missing the late chanter and gifted composer, Jiggaz.

Born George Tanjani, the talented singer-cum-actor, died aged 39, in 2021.

A torch-bearer and role model for the community, Jiggaz represented his ghetto with pride during “classes” with other chanters.

Local dancehall fanatic and promoter, Leeroy Ncube, said:

“I was hurt by the death of Jiggaz and it’s sad how we easily forget some of the people who made an impact in this movement.

“He was talented in every aspect and would give some Jamaican artists a run for their money.

“I think there must be statues of these heroes in our ghettos as well as literature about them for the people to understand our artists better.”

He added:

“I feel that there must be statues in our community that represent our dancehall kings.

 “I would pick Curtis B on top of my list.

“He is dominating in Harare according to the shows that I have followed.

 “It’s also my wish that our communities come up with branches or community organisations to make records of our local heroes because we still want the information of our music history to get to the people.

“Most artists get inspiration from other artists and keeping these records remains critical.”

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