Zim fitness trainer wins Bronze in Korea

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Zim fitness trainer wins Bronze in Korea Tapiwa ‘Coach Taps’ Chibota (R)


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

INTERNATIONAL bodybuilding champion and fitness trainer Tapiwa ‘Coach Taps’ Chibota brought home a bronze medal after coming third at the recently held World Fitness Federation (WFF) Universe Korea Men’s Athletic.

The Kadoma-based athlete expressed his excitement and promised to utilise every opportunity to assist the community.

In an interview he said:

Tapiwa ‘Coach Taps’ Chibota

“I feel very excited coming from a poor back ground in Kadoma, I believe in hard work and I have managed to represent Zimbabwe at Global stage with different Federations.

“The journey has not been easy but life never really is and we all have a story

“One might not be able to change their start, but starting now they certainly can determine the ending.

“Coming from a home with very little finances and in a time where Zimbabwe is facing challenges I have managed to stand and become a recognised athlete in the field,” he said.

Coach Taps said the strides have opened his eyes to broaden his ideas.

“This made me open my eyes and decided to start Laci Fitness.

“Bodybuilding is not a paying sport but with a lot of opportunities that is if one see the other side.

“I started my own fitness club in Kadoma and I believe I inspire my community as whole as I rose from a nobody to a community, national and International bodybuilder.

“My legacy is not the achievements that I have acquired but through bodybuilding sport am now imparting my knowledge of fitness to my community to local primary schools, companies where I do wellness workshops and boot camps for the community of Kadoma,” added Coach Taps.

He has motivated his community through his achievements.

“I also do charitable wellness events for the community of Kadoma supporting our Senior citizens home as well as coordinate interdenominational churches soccer league.

“I mentor youths in Chegutu at Shanduko for Christ through motivational talks I give to them reflecting on my challenges and success in bodybuilding as they go through life training courses.

“This is all because of a celebrity status I have acquired through my accolades both local and international stage,” he added.

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