Zim model shines in Nigeria

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Zim model shines in Nigeria Nicole Mandimutsa has made the country proud after she was crowned Miss Eloquent Africa.


Lucia Mazhou, H-Metro Reporter

Twenty-one-year-old model Nicole Mandimutsa has made the country proud after she was crowned Miss Eloquent Africa.

The pageant was held in Nigeria earlier this month.

Nicole represented Zimbabwe where many other countries contested and only four made it to the final stage.


“I am greatly honoured to have represented my nation and managed to have come back home with the African crown.

“Four countries made it to the final stage where I finally got crowned as Queen.


“I am really excited as it was my first international pageant and I performed exceptionally well,” she said.


The competition was entered online where she filled a form and submitted.

“It was open to models of all shapes and sizes who desire to make a difference and who are fond of girl child empowerment.


“This is a big platform and it means a whole lot to me and it will open a lot of doors and opportunities for me.


“It’s beautiful to know that a lot of people look up to me and I am definitely working on personal growth so that I can make an impact in my community,” she added.


Nicole said the benefits of pageantry are key.


“For the nation, this is an opportunity to go global through pageantry as we may have the franchise to host the next Miss Eloquent Africa in our country where we will be having foreign delegates and visitors which is good for our tourism.


“Pageant benefits one from the exposure, meeting ladies from different backgrounds and societies.


“We learn a lot from others and the organisations we work with as well and this inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves.


“We create good work connections and ethics. And the publicity gives a lot of opportunities not only in modelling.


“The industry is pretty amazing, it’s all about the passion and also the type of modelling one focuses on. It requires strength not to be pushed to take shortcuts and also persistence not giving up easily and in perfecting your catwalk, posture and posing.


“As a profession, just like any other job the modelling industry requires seriousness, hard work and time,” she said.


She has taken part in the Pageants, Miss Eloquent Africa being her first international pageant. The other two were Miss Tourism 2019 and Miss Intercontinental and Top Model Zimbabwe 2020.

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