Zim student in fraud storm

20 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Zim student in fraud storm Adrian Murira


Latwell Nyangu

A MEDICAL student, based in Zambia, is allegedly in the eye of a storm for allegedly duping his Zimbabwean counterparts, under the pretext he would help them secure student permits, and accommodation.

Adrian Murira, who is a third-year student in the faculty of Medicine at the University of Zambia, has allegedly been creating fake receipts, purporting to assist new Zimbabwean students, at the institution.

More than five Zimbabwean students are believed to have lost considerable amounts of money to the scheme, triggering a campaign against him, at the campus.

A number of parents have now raised complaints with the university.

Murira was not available for comment on his Zambian phone number.

However, a parent of one of the students, spoke to H-Metro and showed us a text, purportedly from Murira, in which he appears to be apologising.

“I would like to apologise for letting you down, all (the) faith you had in me and the trust, I let you down,” reads the text.

“I admit I misappropriated your daughter’s funds. I take the blame.

“Sorry for the new number, I changed (for) a genuine reason, (I) lost my phone.”

The students at the campus have created a poster, which is being circulated, targeting Murira.

“Students have come up with a poster, mocking him over his conduct,” one of the students told H-Metro.

“It’s a warning for other students, coming here.

“It’s circulating at the campus.

“It was designed by one of the victims and the students.”

Another student said: “Adrian duped me and my friend and we took his phone.

“We sold it to recover our money,” she said.

The poster reads:

“V11 SCAM ALERT! This conman by the name Adrian Murira is a student at the University of Zambia, he is the biggest scammer without shame, scamming first year students at the University, targeting mainly female students.

“He scammed four students so far of their students permit money, US$470 per student totalling to US$1880 and a further US$100 for accommodation at the University.

“He has taken advantage of the UNZA system, whereby students get to apply for their study permits with the help of other students who are already at the University.”

Another parent said:

“I transferred 7000 Kwacha (about US$400) to my daughter, who is studying at the same University, and she entrusted Adrian to help her to do the paperwork.

“He then transferred the money to his personal use.

“All the four families, then faced his parents in Zimbabwe on the way forward but the parents were not forthcoming.

“They clearly told us that the issue was beyond them and they haven’t got money to reimburse us.

“Our children were then given seven days to pay their study permits or risk deportation. 

“We all have fake immigration documents that he gave to our daughters.”

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