Ellina Mhlanga

ZIMBABWE Swimming chairperson, Zanele Nkomazana, says they are preparing young coaches to take over when the experienced ones finally call it quits.

Young coach Ricardo Joe is in Hungary after receiving an Olympic Solidarity Scholarship to attend an International Coaching Course at the Hungarian University of Sports Science.

The former swimmer, who coaches at Highlands swimming club, arrived in Hungary on Sunday.

The course got underway yesterday and is running until December 1.

“We are trying to make sure that the young are educated to take over (from) the retiring,” said Nkomazana.

“We have a lot of senior coaches due to retire, some have just retired, so when we saw the opportunity we took it.

“This young coach used to swim for Sharks. He went up to AUSC (African Union Sports Council) Region 5, Angola.

“So, he retired after school after swimming AUSC Region 5 (in) Angola and then got a job as a coach at the Dominican Convent.

“He is a coach at Highlands swimming club focusing on learning to swim in junior swimming.

“We saw his potential when we took him to China for the University Games. He handled that very well and also handling senior swimmers.

“Obviously, having swum with them he understands as an athlete what he is expected to do as a coach. So he did a good job.”

Interested candidates had to apply for selection.

“When the opportunity for this scholarship came, we sent out an invite and he applied and he got it.

“We are hoping he will bring back the knowledge and that will be very useful in our system to have these coaches training.

“That won’t be the end for him, he still needs to learn a lot and to be exposed.”

Meanwhile the members of the team to compete at the Africa Aquatics Junior Swimming and Open Waters Championships are stepping up their preparations for the meet.

The continental competition is due to take place from December 6 to 9 in Mauritius.

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