ZIM THUGS HALL … Sniper becomes latest victim…Chipaz apologises to fans again

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ZIM THUGS HALL … Sniper becomes latest victim…Chipaz apologises to fans again


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GODFATHA Templeman says it’s now time for action against hoodlums who cause violence during Zim dancehall shows.

The emcee-cum-music promoter reckons thugs have been on the loose for some time.

And, being one of the most influential figures in the Zim dancehall movement, Templeman believes thugs need to be punished for their violent conduct.

His call comes in the wake of violence which broke out at the Sniper Storm album launch held at Harare Gardens on Saturday.

Sniper launched his ninth album titled Scenario at an event which was marred by violence from a section of fans.

While ugly scenes of violence have stolen all the gloss associated with big gatherings, Templeman has challenged fans to change their conduct.

“We are really worried at the rate at which violence has become a common occurrence during Zim dancehall shows.

“It’s sad that some of these ugly scenes break out when a top artist is either launching an album or celebrating their birthdays.

“Once violence breaks out, all the attention shifts to the ugly scenes of violence instead of celebrating the album,” said Templeman.

He urged music promoters to engage professional security personnel to man their shows.

“There is a need for our music promoters to really engage professional security personnel who can search fans on the entry points and ensure they don’t bring missiles.

“The promoters need to desist from selling beer cans and bottles because they end up being used as weapons of violence,” he said.

Templeman urged promoters to sell beverages in plastic cups.

“We must learn from other countries where beers are sold in plastic cups and not bottles or cans.

“We have also noted with great concern that some fans end up filling those containers with urine and then throw them on stage.

“This is really worrisome and we need to address the issue and bring to book these culprits,” he said.

He added: “Fans should also help us by identifying people who throw missiles to ensure we get them arrested.

“We can’t continue to have people who are causing trouble during live shows.”

Show coordinator, Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza, who helped Sniper in launching the album, is on record condemning violence.

“It is high time that people who throw missiles on stage in disapproval of an artist should be positively identified and arrested.

This culture needs to stop but for it to end, it needs the cooperation of fans.

“Our fans should desist from violence because the missiles they throw on stage can injure your relatives.

“Violence has no place in showbiz because it has a negative impact.

“Violence turns off the corporate world and we won’t have the support that we have been yearning for,” he said.

Chipaz also blamed the violence on some artists who did not show up despite promising fans they will be part of the programme.

“I think the other problems are the artists who failed to come for the event yet they had promised to be part of the programme.

“It’s common that fans will be irked but that doesn’t give them the licence to throw missiles.

“This time around I blame the artists who promised fans via radio interviews and video drops that they were coming but failed.

“In my case, I only came on board to assist Sniper with logistics and, in future, I will work with those who are professional.

“I would like to apologise to fans who were short changed by this unbecoming behaviour of some artists not turning up,” he added.

To date, ugly scenes of violence have become an in-thing during Zimdancehall shows – be it at City Sports Centre, Andy Millar Hall or the Harare Gardens.

Thugs usually engage in violence when technical glitches like power cuts occur.

In most cases, violence breaks out when they don’t like certain artists on the line-up.

There are times when artists on the bill fail to show up for events after double bookings, which has on many occasions left fans fuming.

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