Zim woman in nudity protest

14 Mar, 2019 - 18:03 0 Views


H-Metro Reporter

A Zimbabwean woman based in South Africa was yesterday arrested in Pretoria after she staged a nudity protest at Union Building.

Gugu Ncube claimed her protest was triggered by abuses she suffered from her boss at a UNISA sponsored centre and the South Africa Police Service (SAPS).

She also alleged the boss demanded sex in exchange for her job security before she was unlawfully dismissed from work with authorities also faking her resignation.

In a circulating message, Gugu said she was manhandled after reporting the case at a police station in South Africa.

“I was unlawfully, manhandled out of my employment at UNISA for reporting my immediate boss for asking for sexual favours in exchange of my job.

“I witnessed the commissioner brushing aside my supposed tribunal and taking bribe money to demerit me.

“I have seen corrupt police officers coming to arrest me unprocedurally because my abuser has money to pay them. I will be heard,” she wrote.

Gugu says she was using the protest to seek audience from South Africa President Cyril Rmaphosa.

“I have nothing more to protect, my dignity is gone.

“All l want is for President Ramaphosa to take note of the abuse I am suffering at the hands of UNISA and the South African Police.

“I want the UNISA management to show the country, Thuma Foundation, Commission for Gender Equality and other interested parties, my resignation letter they claim I tendered.

“This is my Demand!!”


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