Zim women dominate hockey development series

Brandon Moyo in BULAWAYO

ZIMBABWE senior women’s hockey teams put up brilliant performances during the 2023 hockey development series against Zambia at the St. John’s Educational Trust Astro Turf in Harare over the weekend.

The Zimbabwe women’s team, which featured some national Under-21 players, dominated throughout to win the series 3-0.

It was, however, not a good outing for the men’s team as they lost their series 1-0.

The Zimbabwe senior women and their neighbours played three games. In the first match, Zimbabwe won 5-4 and won the second game 3-0 to secure the series.

The final match of the women’s series saw yet another dominant display by Zimbabwe as they went on to register a 5-2 win and eventually a series whitewash.

The results were a good confidence booster to the team as some of its players are set to represent Zimbabwe at the 2023 Junior World Cup in Santiago, Chile, at the end of the year.

Last year, the Hockey Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) and Zambia had a similar series but it focused on the Under-13, Under-16 and Under-18.  The series brought together 396 players of all age groups.

Day One Results:

Zimbabwe U-13 B girls 0-2 Zimbabwe U-13A girls, Zimbabwe U-13 boys 0-2 Zimbabwe U-13A boys

Zimbabwe U-18A boys 5-1 Zimbabwe U-18B boys, Zambia U-18 girls 0-2 Zimbabwe U-16B girls, Zambia U-18 boys 2-1 Zimbabwe U-16B boys, Zambia senior women 4-5 Zimbabwe senior women, Zambia U-15 girls 2-2 Zimbabwe U-13B girls, Zambia U-15 boys 3-0 Zimbabwe U-13B boys, Zimbabwe women select 1-1 Zimbabwe U-18A girls, Zimbabwe Boys Select 2-1 Zimbabwe U-18 boys

Day Two results:

Zimbabwe we U-18A girls 5-1 Zimbabwe U-18B girls, Zimbabwe U-16A boys 6-0 Zimbabwe U-16B boys, Zimbabwe U-16A 2-1 Zimbabwe U-16B girls, Zambia U-15 girls 0-2 Zimbabwe U-13A girls, Zambia U-15 boys 0-1 Zimbabwe U-13A boys, Zimbabwe senior women 4-0 Zambia senior women, Zimbabwe senior men 0-3 Zambia senior men, Zimbabwe women select 2-0 Zimbabwe U-18B girls, Zimbabwe men select 5-1 Zimbabwe U-18B boys, Zambia U-18 girls 0-2 Zimbabwe U-16A girls, Zambia U-18 boys 0-1 Zimbabwe U-16A boys

Day Three results:

Zimbabwe U-13B girls 0-4 Zimbabwe U-13B boys, Zimbabwe U-18B girls 8-1 Zambia U-18 girls, Zimbabwe U-16B 0-6 Zimbabwe U-18B boys, Zimbabwe U-13A 3-0 Zambia Under-15 girls, Zimbabwe U-13A boys 2-3 Zambia U-15 boys, Zimbabwe senior women 5-2 Zambia senior women, Zimbabwe senior men 0-0 Zambia senior men, Zimbabwe U-18A boys 3-0 Zambia U-18 boys, Zimbabwe U-16A girls 2-1 Zimbabwe U-16B girls, Zimbabwe U-18A 0-0 Zimbabwe Women’s Select, Zimbabwe U-16A 1-2 Zimbabwe Men’s Select.

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