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ZIMA 2022 PARTNERS ANNOUNCED Benjamin Nyandoro (second from right) with with Zima 22 partners


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The 2022 edition of the Zimbabwe Music Awards ceremony returns on February 19, with various partners coming on board.

It will be held under the theme “Rhythm, Roots and Cultural Diversity”.


In his address at a press briefing midweek, ZIMA corporate communications executive Benjamin Njandoro said the event comes at a time when players in the creative sector have embraced the new normal.


“Industry players have over the period embraced the ‘new normal’ building smart partnerships between promoters, platform providers, content and sponsorship.


“Let me take this appropriate time to make it official that our ZIMA22 Headline Partner is PPC Zimbabwe, where Strength is Guaranteed.


“We have cemented this partnership over the years through our convergence on strong commitment and determination in our respective trades and value systems.


“We welcome Wezhaz Executive Cars, Barmlo Investments, Kitchen Link and the Bullion Group for coming aboard,” he said.


As the countdown to the awards ceremony begins, Nyandoro outlined their roadmap.


He said the awards ceremony date was set on July 14 while entries will be accepted from November 1 to December 31.


The adjudication process will be conducted on January 16  with the nominees set to be unveiled on January 21.


The much anticipated public voting will take place from January 21 to February 19.


Nyandoro also took stock of some of their achievements as ZIMA board since 2019.


“We completed building a home for one of Zimbabwe’s celebrated music icons Comrade Chinx in Sentosa, Harare and handed it over to him and his family.


“We added more awards categories so that the ZIMA becomes representative of all of Zimbabwe’s rich music cultural diversity and also introduced retro awards that seek to award the outstanding musicians that stood out before the establishment of ZIMA.


“In 2020, we established the ZIMA head office in Harare, repositioning ZIMA from an event into an institution.


“ZIMA commissioned an external adjudication steering committee comprising of 12 qualified persons to oversee and develop the ZIMA Rule Book.


“We donated groceries and renovated the house of the ZIMA2021 Lifetime Achievers the ‘Cool Crooners’ in Bulawayo,” he added.


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