Mangaliso Kabulika 

THE Zimdancehall anniversary is set to be held at Dzivaresekwa Stadium on August  12.

The event, which coincides with the National Heroes Day holiday, is aimed at commemorating the rich history and impact the genre has made in the musical industry.

It also aimed at celebrating the pioneers of the genre and to recognise the new talent that has taken over.

A statement by Jack Radics Entertainment said:

“The event will bring together talented artists and upcoming DJs for a live experience in celebration of the strides of Zimdancehall culture and unity.

“Artists, who wish to perform on the event, are urged to register as they are many slots open for them, especially upcoming ones.” 

Zimdancehall artist, Tatoman said the event is set to celebrate how the genre has developed over the years and how it has shaped social dynamics within the sector

“The genre has shown significant growth as is witnessed in its fusion with other genres.

“Over the years, it was seen as a depiction of the bad elements of society but now it is more of an instrument that has been used to raise awareness against various social ills and that need to be recognised,” said Tatoman.

A Zimdancehall song, Kana Ndanyura, by Killer T is currently ruling the roost on the country’s musical scene.

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