Zimpapers exhibits big at Agric Show

Tanaka Nyambo

ZIMPAPERS is celebrating its television channel’s first year anniversary while exhibiting a variety of new products at the ongoing Agricultural Show.

The company is showcasing new products like Kwayedza Dzidza, Agric Journal and the rebranding of Nyami Nyami to Platinum FM.

Pauline Matanda, the Zimpapers public relations chief, said:

“Whilst we celebrating Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN) one-year anniversary we also pride ourselves in introducing a variety of educative and informative products to the public.

“Among the products are Kwayedza Dzidza, which seeks to help                                                                        children improve their own language, and the other one is the Agric Journal.

“As schools are about to open we also encourage parents to come and buy exercise books and newspapers.”

Head of Kwayedza Dzidza and Editor of Kwayedza, Patrick Shamba, said:

“We encourage parents to buy Kwayedza Dzidza for their kids because our August edition is educative and it will help them with their Shona language,” he said.

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