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ZIMBABWE’S top gospel ensemble, Zimpraise, show flopped at the weekend at Harare Gardens.

Parading a star-studded line-up featuring Dorcas Moyo, Everton Mlalazi, Pastor G, The Unveiled Choir, Jonah Chivasa among others, event organisers had a rude awakening at Harare Gardens where a paltry crowd gathered to worship the Lord in song and dance.

It turned out that there were more chairs than fans in the VIP arena where performing artists occupied some of the seats.

The gate-charges were also high for the ordinary fans.

Showbiz analysts felt the timing of the show might have contributed to the poor attendance as people are busy dealing with school fees and other end of month demands.

The choice of the venue also came under the spotlight as the Harare Gardens is synonymous with free shows where corporates usually entertain the homeless people of Harare.

The last time a similar show was held was last year when Werras Entertainment were left counting their losses when they hosted Alick Macheso, Mathias Mhere, Dorcas Moyo and Silent Killer at the same venue.

There were some positives during the night, including the refreshing performance by Dorcas Moyo.

Her stage communication, energy and delivery were flawless.

Pastor G also did very well.

He ushered out all his artistic verve.

His group complemented him from start to finish.

Not to be outdone was the Unveiled Choir, whose appeal continues to grow with each passing day.

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