Zim’s football couple

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Zim’s football couple Russel Madamombe and Onai Chingawo


. . . Russel, Onai on marriage
Chioniso Mashakada, Sports Reporter
Triangle United midfielder Russel Madamombe says he is ‘not married’ to a footballer as the world might see it.

Russel is married to former Mighty Warriors goalkeeper Onai Chingawo and the couple is blessed with two sons.

“People say I’m married to a footballer which I don’t agree with. I have been asked several times on why did I marry a footballer but what I know is I’m married to the love of my life just like any other couple. Football is her career not a title.
“Our society is yet to fully accept that women can love football too but I’m happy that it’s getting better than the days I got married. People said what they wanted but at the end of the day the choice was mine, I wasn’t moved by what was being said.
“Just like any other wives out there she’s submissive and she supports what I do, I can say she’s my daily motivation. We got two sons who are still young and there’s nothing much about football in them so far but I will be happy if they follow our footsteps.

“Having a wife who plays football is not a challenge to me or my family. The only problem we had is that I’m always away from them though I always make sure that I get to see them whenever I get a chance.” he said.

Onai also weighed in saying she longer playing football though their life during her playing days was normal.

“I’m no longer playing football but our life during my playing days was just normal, it was not tough like it may seem to be.

“On club games and training I was able to balance both home and work. We all know that kids want parental care and at the same time they want food on the table so I had to balance. The problem was when I was going for the national duty because I was forced to be far from home as it involved a lot of traveling but thank heavens my husband was so supportive. He is the one who kept me going whenever I felt like quitting. Just like any other husband out there Russel cares for his family and supports what we do.” she said.
On the issue of being stigmatised Onai said she chose to follow her dreams and ignore the negativity from the society,.

“By the time I got married the society thought that a woman who loves football is not a woman enough but that was my career. With the support of my husband I chose to keep shoulders to the wheel of my fortune.

“To me being married to a person who does the same job like me was a great advantage because we all knew how things go in the world of football. Besides not having enough time together we didn’t have any challenge.” said Chingawo.

The couple support different football teams which becomes interesting whenever they are at home.

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