ZIMURA urges artists to monetise content

Latwell Nyangu recently in Mutare

The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) has urged artists to monetise their music and be familiar with digital platforms so that they protect their intellectual property.

Speaking during a copyright awareness workshop held in Mutare, ZIMURA executive director Polisile Ncube Chimhini said, conscientisaton workshops will be spread throughout the country so that artists are empowered.

Scenes from the workshop

“We had more people than we expected and we believe that from today onwards, few people are going to infringe on people’s property.


“When someone attends a copyright workshop, they will have an understanding of how to protect their property as well as not infringe on someone’s property.

“We are going to continue with these workshops around the country up to November.

“Musicians should know how to monetise their products, they should know how to monetise their intellectual property so that they make money out of it since its business,” she said.

Polisile also urged artists to be up-to-date with technology.

“They should be familiar with the digital platforms and intellectual property laws so that when their property is infringed on, they should be able to litigate on the matter.

“Copyright infringement has been a topical issue and artists should desist from using someone’s property.”

Zimura board vice chairperson First Farai said:

“Many musicians see this as a joke but muimbi gadzira product yakanaka.

“Anogadzira mari yake ndiwe artists, ZIMURA is there to help you get your money and we don’t need to relax if we need money.

“If you don’t record and If we don’t work as artists, we are going nowhere, the relationship between ZIMURA and artists is money nothing else.

“Let’s wake up as artists and make money.

Caroline Makoni from National Arts Council of Zimbabwe also praised ZIMURA for the good workshop on Copyright.

“It was a huge success, the issue of copyrights is topical.”

While musician Brian Samaita also feels empowered.

“We have been empowered about the copyrights act and most of the time we make mistakes tisingazive, and we learned a lot.

“Expect my five-track album soon with songs like Mubvandiripo, Ndokutendai Mwari.

“It has been three years since I released an album.”

Joseph Bhasera Sithole, an artist said:

“This is good for us as it empowers us to safeguard our copyrights.”

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