Zoc request for nominees

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Zoc request for nominees Donata Katai


Curtworth Masango, Sports Reporter

The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee has requested the directors of coaches to submit their recommended athletes for consideration for the Paris 2024 Olympic Athletes Scholarship.

In the a communique, ZOC said,

“The ZOC hereby request you to submit your recommended nominated athletes for consideration for the Paris 2024 Olympic Athletes Scholarship Programme. Athletes selected should have a realistic qualification chance, have the potential to benefit from targeted support and have no doping or disciplinary sanctions (current or previous).

Priority should be or will be given to athletes who meet the following requirements:

First Tier Athletes. These are Elite or High Performance athletes that are already part of or being considered for the NA’s High performance or elite programmes with high international and Continental rankings. Athletes that will be considered are those that:

• Won medals or were finalists;
• Placed top eight in their events, or were semi or quarter finalists;
• At least qualified for the recent two Olympic Games (2016 and 2020) and are still considered to be competitive at that level in 2024;
• World class athletes that have met or directly satisfy the respective IF’s “A”
qualifying standards for the previous or next World Championships before 2024.
Second Tier Athletes – DEVELOPMENTAL THRUST.

These are:
• Talent Identified athletes with potential for nurturing/ development through a
managed program and may be part of the NAs Long Term Junior or Youth Athletes
Development Programmes (LADP)
• Athletes being considered for the Long Term High Performance Programmes
• These are World Class “Developing Athletes who may have met or satisfy the
respective IF’s “B” qualifying standards for previous or upcoming continental or
international world senior, youth or junior games.
The National Federation MUST also submit:
• The National Federation’s long term athlete development plan
• Long term high performance plan or strategy
• Athletes Selection Policy
• Paris 2024 / LA 2028 Pathway.

Note that female athletes who meet the above criteria (s) should be considered.
The requisite application form is to be filled in by the National Sport Association for consideration by both the ZOC Technical and Development and Medical, Sports Science and Protection of clean athletes’ commissions.

The deadline for receipt of internal applications is Friday 22nd October 2021.

Thereafter the application will be sent to Olympic Solidarity who, together with the International Federation, have the final and ultimate decision with regards the allocation of Olympic Scholarships for athletes.”

This comes after many athletes feel disadvantaged because of lack of opportunities and proper preparations to the olympic games.

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