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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Dancers Beverly “Bev” Sibanda and Zoey Sifelani have described the relaxation on of Covid-19 restrictions as a huge relief to the creative sector.

Government recently announced the reopening of all licensed bars to fully vaccinated clients, as it continues to relax lockdown measures and open up the economy.


The development has seen entertainers holding shows across the country.


In an interview, Bev who solely relied on shows before lockdown, said she was relieved.


“It’s now time to be happy, at least our bodies are going back normal.


“I had gained a lot of weight and tanga takuita kunge zvimbuya although the shows are still scarce to get as we are following the regulations.


“We are abiding by the law and at least we can pick something. We were in a dilemma, we were not used to stay at home for long,” she said.


The Sexy Angels boss said Covid-19 taught her some life lessons.


“I have learnt not to rely on one thing, just like being a dancer, but we should also start a supporting business in cases like these.


“However, I cannot blame Covid-19 as a whole because it helped me to save money and not to rely on one thing.


“For now we are happy for this development,” she added.


Fellow dancer Zoey said Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise.


“Covid-19 helped us a lot to rest as we wanted to rest but the rest had gone too long.


“It helped us to prepare ahead of this moment, it also helped us to go to studios and record some videos.


“On my side, it was not too bad since I am into buying and selling but it became hard since we were not used much to staying at home for long.


“This is now the time to recover as we are having tight schedules as we are having double shows,” she said.

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