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Edwin Nhukarume

MUSICIAN Zolasko Vatsay, who has been touring Zimbabwe, left for Botswana on Wednesday.

Zolasko, who fell in love with Zimbabwe after a successful collaboration with Mambo Dhuterere, came into the country to explore ways of working with local artists.

Speaking to H-Metro, Zolasko said he managed to do collaborations with other local artists during the visit.

“I realised Zimbabweans appreciate their local music and I love that culture,” he said.

“They are also loving people, who are not tribal, in most cases.

“They appreciate talent irrespective of where someone comes from. This drove me to visit, link up and do more collabos in Zimbabwe.

“During my visit I have done three collaborations which I will not mention at the moment.”

He said he enjoyed his stay in Zimbabwe.

“It has been a great experience,” he said. “I enjoyed my stay. The people are so welcoming. 

“They treated me as one of their own.

“I didn’t find it difficult to get along with people since I am also good at the Shona language.

“I look forward to visiting again.”

Zolasko has a collabo with Mambo Dhuterere titled ‘Hameni Hlebanna,’ which set a record in Botswana as the first song to reach two million views in three months.

He also did a collaboration with Jiti exponent, Baba Harare, on a song called ‘Ndiri Kunakwa Amana.’

These collabos played a big role in introducing Zolasko to Zimbabweans.

He also has a collabo with Slizer, the vastly popular female musician in Botswana.

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