ZRP on rule of law

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ZRP on rule of law


13 July 2018

The Zimbabwe Republic Police yesterday carried out an awareness campaign around the central business district urging motorists to follow the rule of law.

Harare’s roads have become chaotic as drivers wantonly disregard traffic laws, resulting in a rapid increase of accidents.

Present for the campaign was Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, some members of the ZRP force and representatives of the Greater Harare Association of Commuter Omnibus Operators as well as Passengers Association of Zimbabwe.

The campaign saw the team walk from Copacabana to Market Square as well as Rezende and other public transport terminuses in the CBD.

Snr Ass Comm Charamba said the aim of the campaign was to encourage drivers to follow the rule of law in order to avoid the chaos and accidents on the roads.

“When we say “Rule of Law” we are talking about observing the laws that govern the country. I’m sure citizens are also aware our President Emmerson Mnangagawa has been talking a lot about this.

“There is a lot of chaos now on our roads especially here in the Harare because people are failing to follow road regulations.

“A lot of accidents are happening because drivers are reckless and not obeying the rule of law, if our drivers can follow the rule of law we will surely have no chaos on roads.

“Yes we have a lot of vehicles in Harare but I’m sure if drivers follow the rule of law then we will have order on our roads

“Drivers are no longer respecting lives of people; they feel it’s not important to stop after knocking someone down.

“Accidents do happen and we urge drivers to stop after an accident and not drive off from the scene as that is a big crime.” she said.

She added that ZRP is also doing the campaign in other cities and town around the country

“Our Public Relations officers are also carrying out the campaign in other provinces but we are facing this problem mainly in Harare.

“Other towns are organised and it as joy to drive in these areas because they follow the rule of law,” she said

She also encouraged drivers to report corrupt police officers on the roads.

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