ZRP political violence

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ZRP political violence ZRP Chitungwiza Chief Supt Mujiwa


Edwin Nhukarume, H-Metro Reporter

ZRP Chitungwiza has warned those who want to engage in political violence in the future that they will be dealt with accordingly.

Speaking during the Chitungwiza district Police Client Service Charter re-launch in Chitungwiza recently, Chief Superintendent Sekai Mujiwa, who is the Officer Commanding Police in Chitungwiza District, also said it was police’s obligation to endear itself to the public and fight against crime.

‘I am challenging the general public to shun political violence and to report all forms of violence to the police without delay.

“Let me take you back to the incident of violence on 14 January 2019 which resulted in the burning of motor vehicles and destruction of property at Chitungwiza police station.

“May I take this opportunity to warn the public that the police will not hesitate to descend on perpetrators of violence, it is against the law for public violence perpetrators to use children on demonstrations,” said Chief Supt Mujiwa.

“We are also aiming at improving our service to the community by making sure that we make timely responses to crimes committed.

“We have realised it is of great importance to engage the public and have a better relationship because it is the best way to combat crime,” he added.

He said the Chitungwiza district is targeting to rejuvenate its services and curb crime activities.

“Chitungwiza district promises to re-energize its systems, operations and to take control of the crime situation in our area.

“We want to keep up with the ever changing policing terrain in which we find ourselves in demand that our officers remain vigilant, foresighted and ready to grapple with unfolding challenges,” he said.

Chief Supt Mujiwa also said ZRP will fight against corruption.

“Corruption is the other crime that has been crippling our economy.

‘Let me remind everyone here that corruption is not endemic in the ZRP, but has become a societal cancer.

“While the ZRP has embraced a zero tolerance to corruption, these efforts will not yield any positive results if other organisations and the community at large do not adopt the same stance and shun corruption at all costs,” said Mujiwa.




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