Zuva blasts Tytan

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Zuva blasts Tytan Olinda and Tytan


23 August 2018


. . . Olinda deserves respect

. . . Tallyn is an idle mind


OUTSPOKEN socialite Zuva Habane recently went live on Facebook bashing Olinda’s husband Tytan for flirting with a girl identified as Tadzo Tallyn.

It is said that Olinda and Tallyn exchanged words on social media and Olinda called her trash until she posted the pictures she took from her Snapchat account where Tytan was flirting with her just to prove to Olinda that her husband is not a saint.


The socialite had several people joining her live giving their different opinions and one of them was Tallyn.

Zuva put the blame on Tytan.

H-Metro got in touch with her and she maintained her stance on views raised during her live session which was viewed by over 10 000 people.

She said she decided to go live on the issue because many young people do not know how to behave on social media.

Olinda and Tytan

“Many  young couples are falling  in  the  same trap of  airing out their marital problems on social media thinking they will receive help yet 95%of the people will be happy they are in that situation. It’s just entertainment on FB. Five percent will listen but don’t care,” she said.

Zuva insisted Tytan disrespected Olinda by sending picture of her legs to a girl that he is flirting with.

“Him speaking of his wife’s legs like that saying he cannot masturbate to them is simply body shaming your wife to your small house. That is a heart-breaking thoughtless offence to all wives.”

Zuva also slammed women who cheat or flirt with married men and the men that fall to such levels.

“Idle minds are the devils workshop. When people have no goals or are simple under archivers they use their time unwisely and resort to unproductive socialization with whomever gives them attention.

“A lot of men will go were attention is given. Flirting with other women is like a get away from reality. Some men enjoy chasing what they can’t have because originally men were designed to hunt.

“In Tytan’s case I think he got bored and resorted to unproductive socialization semunhu achiri mu long distance relationship,” she said.

The diaspora based socialite also did not mince her words when asked how she felt about Tallyn’s move to expose the chats and Olinda’s response to the whole issue. Olinda supported her husband.

“(Olinda) arikuzvisimbisa. Let me point out that I would have probably done the same if I wasn’t wise. I feel there was a better way of handling Tally.  A mutual friend or just confrontation would have put less pressure on this matter.

“I don’t think what Tally did was right but I understand. She was provoked in public it’s only natural that she returns the favor,” said Zuva to H-Metro.

During her live session ion Facebook, she had said more and in more blunt terms. She spent most of the one hour 27 minutes attacking Tytan.

“Tiri kudhumhanha musoro panapa but munhu ari wrong ndiTytan ndicho chokwadi, Olinda stood on top of the mountain and declared that my husband doesn’t chase such type of girls (referring to Tallyn) and I know that Tytan saw that video Olinda declaring but you (Tytan) continued flirting which means kuti you betrayed your wife,” she said live.

“What right do you have to share your wife’s information to other ladies, if you want to flirt go ahead and flirt but you do not talk about your wife. I don’t know why Olinda came and defended you but you are wrong and you are the one to blame here.

“The one person who is supposed to be protecting you is busy airing you to these girls.”

Zuva went on to imply that Tytan could be after Olinda’s fortune?

“Somebody even told me pachena kuti he doesn’t date vakadzi vasina basa, he doesn’t date insignificant broke women but only dates women who uplift him. He always date either a  Minister’s child, he is after prominent  women but that’s a story for another day and I am not saying things from the box.

“Remember Tytan was a rebound so sometimes I stop and think that I hope he didn’t take advantage of Olinda.

“Tytan is wrong for entertaining another woman, betraying his woman and manipulating her to forgive him but on this I don’t think she was manipulated because Olinda has a history of forgiving her man.

“I really think Olinda has a bad taste in men, you can shoot me all you want inini ndini Wendy  William wepaFacebbok and what I say goes.”

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